An animated explanation of Simon Sinek’s golden circle

Inspired by the clarity and applicability of Sinek’s Golden Circle, visual consultancy agency Getting the picture produced an animation explaining Sinek’s influential message. This animation has proven time and again to be a good starting point for our workshops regarding that one important question: what is your why?

The golden circle

Getting the picture Adding value as a visual consultancy firm

Getting the picture offers organisations advice in the fields of strategy, sales and change. We do so using visual thinking and the co-creation of visual products. Together with our clients, Getting the picture visualizes business problems and depicts players, playing field, bottlenecks and solutions in interactive infographics, animations and various other visual products.

Visual thinking is the quickest way to acquire and explain knowledge. Research shows a stunning 75% of people uses visual thinking. We strongly believe visual thinking can effectively help companies in gaining new insights. We have consultancy experience in big and middle-sized companies, as well as a track record of four years of business visualization.

The golden circle: GTP