New York, New York!

New York it was this time. Information graphics artist John Grimwade invited Getting the picture for a presentation at the Visual School of Arts in Manhattan. SVA-Fleur-NYC

A group of visual arts students does not need to be convinced of the power of the visual, we reckoned. But they might benefit from some ideas on the power of the interdisciplinary. Because that is one way Getting the picture differs from a normal visual agency. We don’t want visual thinking to remain in the realms of designers. Getting the picture doesn’t want to deliver a visual product to a non-visual client. We want our clients to become visual thinkers and produce something together. To have visual thinking be part of their process, not just ours.

We need both languages

That means we need to speak both languages. The language of the classically trained academics, the consultants, and the language of the visually trained artists, the designers. Bringing these two world together creates ideas that are conceptually stronger and visually more appealing.

So we urged students to think of friends, family, acquaintances, who move in utterly different areas, and see what added value they could bring to them with their visual powers. And what insights and knowledge their counterparts could bring to them.

Insight: the power of interdisciplinary teams

We see a huge power in the interdisciplinary. But for this power to be unleashed some moving is required. For designers to come out of their design corners. And for thinkers to come out of their thinking corner. Meeting at the fringes. And getting the picture.